Our business model offers complete private labels programs tailored to the customer’s needs in term of performance, coverage, distribution and pricing. Our hybrid platform offers a variety of programs to satisfy the needs of the different distribution channels in the automotive aftermarket—i.e., warehouse distributors, retailers, and buying groups.


Interfil® offers retailers, buying groups, and major WD’s a comprehensive private label solution. This begins with product specification & requirements, various product categories, application coverage, package design and specification, quality control, logistics, and distribution service. Our portfolio includes many of the leading national private label programs.

Manufacturer's Program

To achieve economy of scale, manufacturers often outsource a wide array of items including new and old applications, and labor intensive and low productivity items. Through the subsidiary SC Supply Chain Management (SCM), LLC, we serve leading U.S. filter manufacturers.


Interfil® is a leader in the automotive filter aftermarket value segment. It has been developed and nurtured since 1980. Interfil® Filter line offers near complete coverage for all makes and models in all five filtration categories – Oil, air, fuel, cabin, and transmission.
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