Can a Missing Cabin Filter Affect the Lifespan of the Blower Motor?

Driver hand on air ventilation grille with power regulator, modern car interior detail
The short answer: Yes

You may have removed your clogged cabin air filter to improve airflow in your car’s interior. However, this can cause serious damage to your blower motor.

Cabin Air Filters Provide More than Clean Air

Cabin air filters stop debris from getting in the blower motor housing, and they remove pollen, dust, and toxins from the air.

Without the filter installed, dirt can build up on the blades of the fan and inside the motor housing. This can overheat the unit and knock the fan off balance. Eventually, this will result in complete failure.

When you buy and install a replacement cabin air filter, it will not only support the health of your vehicle but will also extend the life of your car’s blower motor.
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