What are the Benefits of Purchasing an Extended Life Oil Filter?

Many automakers are increasing oil change intervals to 12,000, or even 16,000 km, so it makes sense to consider an extended life oil filter for your next service.

Benefits of a long-lasting oil filter

Filter life.

The most obvious advantage of a long life oil filter is its long life. The filter will provide maximum filtration for an extended period. For example, Premium Guard extended life filters are designed to last up to 10,000 miles. This works perfectly with late model vehicles, which have long oil change intervals. Vehicles using synthetic motor oil will also benefit from a Premium Guard extended life filter.

Heavy Duty Construction

Because they are designed to last longer, extended life oil filters are more durable. Traditional oil filters are made of cellulose. In comparison, Premium Guard Extended Life Oil Filters are made from a synthetic resin media, providing 98% efficiency. They are built to withstand high flows and high pressures, exceeding the capacity of some OEM filters by 10%. Step up to the Premhium Guard EX series of extended life filters and you get a silicone gasket and silicone anti-drain return valve. Both design elements are manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures and extend their life.

Saving money. In the long run, long-life filters can save you money. Regular oil filters should not be used in vehicles that go a long time between oil changes. Many traditional automobile oil filters are designed for only 5,000 miles of use. Therefore, to protect your vehicle, you should change the oil filter between services or you should change the oil more frequently. Both alternatives cost more money than simply purchasing a long-lasting oil filter.

Time savings. Whether you do it yourself or have it done at a shop, changing the oil takes time. Using synthetic oil and a long-lasting oil filter allows you to go longer between oil changes. This means less time getting under your car, changing the oil, and getting dirty. Or you spend less time in the repair shop, reading old magazines and drinking stale coffee.

How to choose a long-lasting oil filter

How to Choose a Long-Life Oil Filter Not all long-life oil filters are created equal. In fact, some are just traditional filters hiding under a long life label.

A good quality extended life filter will usually cost more than a regular filter. It will also have a more durable construction, details of which should appear on the box or on the manufacturer’s website. Long life filters typically have a synthetic media that can trap smaller particles. The filter life will also be listed on the box or on the website. A long life filter should last up to 16,000 km.

Long-lasting oil filters make a difference

If you have a vehicle that undergoes long oil change intervals, an extended life oil filter is a good idea. Spending a little more on your filter will save you time and money in the long run, while protecting your engine more efficiently. So, the next time you need to change your oil, look for a Premium Guard Extended Life Oil Filter.

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